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Shaanxi Senwell Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd
Jenny(General manager)

When the economic tsunami is coming, global economic is in depression, a lot of world famous company without purchase order. What we rely on to get the order? That is we must have tried harder than others, provide more value to customer than others, and more competent than others.

Now, by the development of the world economy and great changes in the global economic pattern. Everyone and each company gain the reward must be rely on the ability and comprehensive strength of themselves. So during the date of global economic is big slump, we should be improve ourselves, to supply customer value to prompt SENWLL’s competent. Economic crisis is nothing to fear, because it is the inevitable result during the date of rapid development. But we couldn’t disregard the fact that there is a crisis, especially during this time. We must be sober-minded to identify and guard the crisis against the occurrence of crisis before it comes, and how to manage it and convert it into the opportunity of enterprise development when it has come. So some day, the economic is upturn, the high rapid development will become an inevitable tendency.

I want to say: despite the bad economic situation is, whenever, the market is always in need. As long as you won the competitor, and then market is always enlarge and not reduce. When we fact the “Winter”, it is the time to proof the competence of the company! Also it is the moment that we keep more distance with our competitor. Only the weaker fear Winter, and Winter is the day of stronger. Face challenge, we only have one word-- Let the storm come more violent!
I admire spirit of the Wolf greatly, this kind of spirit is the soul of our company, or culture. People who meet this cultural is survival and development, otherwise will be out. This is the Wolf. To dances with Wolves must be a wolf.

We would like to provide a platform to show your talents for people who have the spirit of wolf same with us
We would like to advance with the global petroleum technology
We would like to work with excellent companies all over the world and develop together
We would like to devote the life of us to improve the position of made in China in international market.

Thanks for all of peoples who concern, trust and support SENWELL all the time. Your attention is the basis of our development; Your trust, is the driving force of our development; Your support is the guarantee of our development.

Thank you again for your trust SENWELL, I really appreciated your support for our company as always. Hope we can sincerely cooperate with you, to make contribution to the development of lighting, march toward the brilliant future hand in hand.

                                 Chairman   Peng Lee                 May 29th,2010

Shaanxi Senwell Drilling Equipment Co.,Ltd    Jenny (General Manager)
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