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Workover Rig XJ90Z-3

Workover Rig XJ90Z-3 basic infomation

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Workover Rig XJ90Z-3 basic infomation

Workover Rig

XJ90Z-3 workover rig is a new efficient and reliable equipment, which is used for workover treatment of oil, gas and water well,

The features as follow

1.)   The driving system makes use of hydraulic torque converter and machinery driving with wide variable speed range and high synthetical efficiency.

2.)   The traveler system makes use of large scale and cross-country bridge tire of construction machinery, with wheel-drive type 4 × 4, which can adapt various roads, such as tidal-flat zone, swamp, miriness etc.

3.)   The pattern of imbark adopt truck and machine merging and integrative bodywork, which can enhance the stability of travelling and workover.

4.)   The control system is pneumatic and hydraulic, which makes the gears-change, turning, brake, and winch handling agile and reliable.

5.)   The derrick has double sections and shaped extended structure by hydraulic cylinder, carrying large base of derrick, with facility operation and better adaptability.

6.)   It has transmission shaft (ZP100) with workover platform, which adapts to the operations of various drilling poles.

7.)   It has process protection devices and anti-twist release device, which can prevent the drilling pole being broken and being safe to release after transforming during well service operation.


Detail Specification:

Technical specifications and parameters for XJ90Z-3 Workover rig.



Workover Depth


Rated Hook Load


Max. Hook Load


Speed of the Hook


Derrick Height


Driving type

4 × 4

Model of the Motor


Power of the Motor


Max. Climbing Gradient


Max. Speed


Min. Turning Radius


Min. Road Clearance


Travel System

4 × 5

Overall Dimension(L×W×H)





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