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Sand Casting

Sand Casting basic infomation

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Sand Casting basic infomation

Sand Casting


Type of processes:

Resin Sand

Green Sand

Applies to the requirements on surface roughness is not higher, and casting tolerance can meet CT10 standard.


Grey Iron: Germany DIN series: GG20, GG30, GG35 etc. U.S.A series: No.20, No.25, No.30, No.35 etc. U.K series: BS grade100, grade150, grade220, grade260, grade300 etc.

SG Iron: Germany DIN series: GGG40, GGG50, GGG60, GGG70 etc. U.S.A series: 60-45-1860-45-1280-55-06 etc.
Aluminum alloy sand casting: ASTM A380, A356, LM25 etc.
Wear-resistant Material: mainly is Mn steel, and applies to the requirements on various mine metallurgical equipments. copper, carbon steel or according to customer requirements.
Scope of the weight: 0.5kg ~ 80Ton

Precision Level:

Mould by hand CT11 - 13

Mould by Machine CT8 - 10
Output: 30,000T/year.
Surface finish: Shot blasting, Galvanizing, Painting.

Production Procedure

Design > Make Pattern > Wax Injected > Clusters Assemble > Shell Making > Dewax > High Baking > Pouring > Knockout & Clear > Shot Blasting > Heat Treatment > NDT > Machining > Final Inspection > Packing > Ship


Also we can supply some Roller products, Titanium Products (Titanium Bar, Titanium flange, Titanium Shell Cover etc), Shaft of Wind Power, Shaft flange, Power shaft, Ship shaft, Bucket teeth, Adapter etc.

Shaanxi Senwell Drilling Equipment Co.,Ltd    Jenny (General Manager)
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