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Shaanxi Senwell Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd
Jenny(General manager)


API & ISO Certification
All products of us are conformed to API Standard and under the ISO 9001:2008 international standard, we ensure that each products from our company should be fully inspected. SENWELL term is dedicated to ensuring that the products and services offered exceed the “expectation of value” of our customer.
Quality control
Quality comes from the professional, services to win the future.
Absorption makes profession, profession makes excellence!
Quality Policy: Keep quality first and always to foster “Customers First”; keep constant improvement for the first-grade products.
Quality Objective: The eligible rate of internal control products must be more than 97%, and all products must be 100% qualified before go out mill.
Quality Tenet: The quality of products and service is the lifeline of company’s development.
Quality Philosophy: How to do it better! Constant improvement, make progress bit by bit every day.

To make the utmost satisfactory and successful for our customers is our working mission, and is the most important measurement of our performance. To provide high-quality products, is the best way to reward customer.


Shaanxi Senwell Drilling Equipment Co.,Ltd    Jenny (General Manager)
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Forging and Casting (4)
Drill Stem Tools (31)
Stabilizer (6)
Subs (8)
Valves (4)
New Products (4)
Non-Magnetic Products (5)
Core Tools (1)
Drill Bits (4)
Fishing Tools (27)
Mill Tools (13)
Cementing Tools (17)
Cement Head (3)
Stage Cementer (5)
Centralizer and Stop Collar (4)
Float Collar & Float Shoe (1)
Casing & Drill Pipe Protector (1)
Cementing Truck (1)
Liner Hanger (2)
Accessory Tools (4)
Wellhead Tools (12)
Rotary Slips (6)
Downhole Tools (10)
Downhole Motor (1)
Jar tools (9)
Oil Mining Equipment (27)
Casing Head (1)
Tubing Head (1)
Christmas Tree (6)
Sucker Rod (3)
Sucker Rod Pump (4)
Pumping Unit (9)
Other Pump (3)
Drill Equipments (28)
Truck-mounted Rig (5)
Rig Component (10)
Solid Control System (6)
Workover Rig (7)
Well Control System (14)
BOP (5)
Valve (3)
Hose (3)
Choke and Kill Manifold (3)
Pipe Series (21)
Casing (2)
Line Pipe (1)
Vessel,Boiler and Other pipe (14)
Petrochemical Pipe (2)
Tubing (2)