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Jenny(General manager)
Nowadays, market competition is brutal, sometimes the predicament make you have a wolf by the ears: or choose aggressive, get on it dauntlessly; or choose swallow an insult, wait to die. This two kinds of chooses means you choose to as a stronger or weaker, it stands you choose success or failure. This is the life style of Wolf and behavioral norms, which is well worth to learn and reference for us.
  First, the spirit of target, as soon as they define objective, perseverance, they will never stop until they achieve the goal. Second, the spirit of wild, take the initiative, to spare no efforts to work hard on the way of career, by no means passive waiting, and meat in the chopping board. Wolf never flinch from the circumstances is difficult and arduous, and to defend its own sovereignty, principles and beliefs, no matter when and where. Third, the spirit of cruel, they overcome all of difficult on the way of development without mercy. Fourth, the spirit of fierce and brutal, in pursuit of career success, they never show no mercy to any difficult, and must conquer it. Fifth, the spirit of discipline, pave a good discipline paves the foundation of success. In order to fight in coordination, the wolves have strictly in organization systems and division of work. When they hunt, clear division of labor and keep the step with each other. At the same time, the wolves have rigid classes system, lower levels wolf must be unconditional obey orders from higher levels wolf, and to make sure the action in unison, and final success in catch. Sixth, the spirit of self-sacrifice, make a great efforts to overcome any difficult, and selfless devote to career. Although the wolf can adapt to complex and hard circumstances, be good at long distance raid, from victory to victory, and could endure the hunger. But also sometime couldn’t fill their stomach, in order to the race got to be prospect and prosperous, wolf will profuse dedicate their body to save suffering the cold and hungry companions at the moment of life ending. Seventh, the spirit of wisdom, they can make full use of wisdom and strategy to careers, and not use to perverts and dishonest. Wolf is very clever and alertness, with higher adaptability, they are skill to make use of pretend to protector themselves, and to elude the disoperation of natural enemy. They can withstand all kinds of difficult, by charging you can attack, by fleeing you can defend, they know when to kiss ass and when to kick it. Eighth, the spirit of desire, they showed untiring zeal in the pursuit of work and career, and never satisfied. Ninth, the spirit of team, mutual cooperate, coordination, unite and work as one to won final success. Tenth, the spirit of acuteness, have a perspicacious eye, with and acute sense of smell and observation. They are alertness and quickly aware, be good at capture the target. With all of the eyes and all ears (be observant and alert), it is difficult to run away the eyes of wolf at the mere rustle of leaves in the wind.
We can learn many the ways one gets along with others, the strategy of aggressive and enthusiastic, the method of self-protection. All of the advantage of wolf is worth studying by all of us. Let’s us look at the world with a “wolf eye”, with wolf positive and tenacious attitude to fact the social, with wolf wisdom to fight with life, go well up to bridle, to make great achievement in our position, and strive for perfect life.
SENWELL is a company needs the spirit of wolf, and also it has the spirit of wolf. It impossible for us to take us as a sheep under the market competition is brutal, and satisfied with staying where we are. Business market is as fierce as war, menace lurks everywhere, it is difficult for you survival and development if you are no courage to facing those difficulties. Have courage, you have to with same character with wolf, more proactive to meet the challenge. Only facing the difficult again and again, and overcome it, we can move forward, well understand and learn the happiness of grow up. We must keep the sense of crisis all the time, and we are strict with ourselves. We must be wake up to as a strong, wisdom and brave wolf, for ourselves, for our family, for corporation, for industry, for China, and even for global survival and development. We should be devoted to the prosperous and development of our country.

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