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Thread Protector

It is available in all sizes for drilling stem, casing and tubing.

Product Structure
Full Steel
Full Plastic
Composite (Metal-plastic)

Connection Type

Tubing: NUE, EUE

Casing: BTC, STC, LTC and premuim connection

Drilling Stem: NC23, NC26(2 3/8IF), NC31(2 7/8IF), NC35, NC38(3 1/2IF), NC40(4FH), NC44, NC46(4IF), NC50(4 1/2IF), NC52, NC56, NC61, NC70, 5 1/2FH, 6 5/8FH, 6 5/8IF, 2 3/8REG, 2 7/8REG, 3 1/2REG, 4 1/2REG, 6 5/8REG, 7 5/8REG, 8 5/8REG.

Senwell can supply most premium connections and the connection on an OEM basis.


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