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Shaanxi Senwell Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd
Jenny(General manager)
China Senwell drilling equipments Co.,Ltd (hereafter referred to as Senwell) is located in the center of high economic development district which is in the east of Xi′an,China. We are mainly engaged in the studying, exploitation, distribution of the petroleum mechanical equipments and export of various types of oilfield equipment and the corresponding technical services.

As one of a professional oil equipments supplier, we can supply our customer Oilfield equipment such as Stabilizer, Drill pipe, HWDP, Drill collar, Kelly, Line pipe, Casing, Tubing, Mud pump, Rotary table and so on. All of our products are strictly conformed to API standards.
Casing Scraper
Roller Reamer
Hole Opener
Drill collar
Heavy Weight Drill Pipe
Drill Pipe
Intergral Blade Stabilizer
Coiled Tubing
H2S Corrosion Resistance Petroleum Pipes
Prestressed Heat-insulating Tubing
Coiled tubing Unit
Shaanxi Senwell Drilling Equipment Co.,Ltd    Jenny (General Manager)
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